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About Us

We’re looking to partner with those who share our passion, philosophy and business vision. Here’s a little more about us—we’re two sets of brothers who want to help likeminded people build a fun and friendly coffee shop franchise with Aroma Joe’s!

~ Marty McKenna
~ Tim McKenna
~ Brian Sillon
~ Mike Sillon

Our Story (Goes Well with a Cup of Coffee)

Some of the best memories we have are at big family parties, playing with the kids you could always count on to share some fun: Cousins! Decades later, we’re now the founders of Aroma Joe’s, four cousins who went from building forts at Grandma’s house, to building our own careers, to building our first Aroma Joe’s drive-thru coffee kiosk in East Rochester, New Hampshire, in 2000.

When you’re teaming up in business, there’s something special about finding people who are a perfect fit from the start. For us, we came together from opposite coasts of the country, percolating with a common passion for quintessential customer service, close-knit community ties, and of course, for coffee. The Aroma Joe’s brand began with authentic roots in those values, and a clear mission together from day one:

“Serve wicked good coffee… Fast and friendly.”

Since the turn of the millennium, as a coffee franchiser with more than 74 locations, we’re proud to be a leading provider of a booming beverage business, with fiercely loyal fans in five states and growing.

Keeping Promises & Making a Difference

First timers at an Aroma Joe’s drive-thru coffee shop tell us that a couple of things stand out right away: No intercoms and friendly baristas with positive attitudes. That’s good to hear, because we meant to do that. We prefer speaking to real people instead of buzzy intercoms, and we’ve learned our customers like that, too. No matter how custom your order is, we’re going to hear how you want it and serve it to you with a smile.

Thanks to our unique location placements, Aroma Joe’s attracts locals… who quickly become loyals, once they interact with our sharp, personable Baristas who LOVE their jobs. (We’ve discovered that drinks mixed with love simply taste better, and that’s a key difference with the Aroma Joe’s family.)

Now, we know there’s more to Aroma Joe’s than a hill of beans, but beans truly are one foundation of our brand. So we’ve made a promise to only use craft-roasted, Rainforest Alliance Certified beans in our proprietary bean blends, which are:

  • Sustainably grown and ethically sourced
  • Essential to our rich, smooth coffee and espresso beverages
  • Aroma Joe’s Certified – we’ll accept no substitutes!

New for 2021 is the creation of the Aroma Joe’s® Honduras Coffee Farmers Group – a select group that produces green coffee to meet Aroma Joe’s standards. In Honduras, multi-generational farming families focus on best practices that yield premium coffee products. Our farmers now receive a premium from the processor, which in turn directly supports their standard of living and farming practices.

In all these ways, Aroma Joe’s is in the business of fueling the modern world.  We care for the communities that sustain us, and we pay it forward serving positive energy to the next generation of coffee drinkers.

We invite you to visit Aroma Joe’s®… and Find your Fuel™