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Aroma Joe’s: A Coffee Franchise with Perks

There’s a lot of energy across the coffee shop industry—which makes sense, since coffee drinks are by far one of the favorite drinks enjoyed across the U.S.A. every day!

Whether it’s an early a.m. ritual, an afternoon refueling, or simply a tasty treat, people of every age and location love to grab a “cuppa joe” to fuel their body and mind. And that kind of endless enthusiasm creates a whole lot of opportunity for coffee franchise owners to prosper.

The Cool [or Chill] Coffee Shop Franchise…

At Aroma Joe’s, we’re proud to be serving up some of America’s most beloved beverages to the masses, quickly and deliciously, while we remain dedicated to an eco-friendly farm-to-sip approach. We’re putting sustainable sourcing right up there with flavor perfection in our coffee franchise model.

No matter how much we hustle and grow, we make sure everything we do is steeped in quality and care. We’ve learned that it hardly feels like work when we’re sharing good vibes with each other and our guests, through our products and our personality. Whether a larger coffee house location or one of our drive-thru coffee franchises, Aroma Joe’s is an authentically nice place to work, and feels warm and familiar by design.

Grounds for Collaboration

Aroma Joe’s built success by aligning the spirit of your favorite local coffee shop with a mind for business and an eye on the planet—we want to share the opportunity for Aroma Joe’s coffee franchises with likeminded others.

What makes an ideal Aroma Joe’s franchisee?

  • You’re passionate
  • You want to positively impact people
  • You’re ready to make a commitment to excellence
  • You understand the demands of a fast-paced service business
  • You’re hands-on and committed to taking charge as an owner/operator
  • You want to be the preferred employer in your area
  • You’re a team player who knows the value of supporting your local community
  • You appreciate a good coffee shop experience and are interested in the specialty beverage industry
  • You have $150,000 in liquid capital

For our customers, Aroma Joe’s is always a local destination—as a coffee shop franchise, we’re looking to expand throughout the east coast.

Aroma Joe’s highlights:

— The best Baristas—every order is personally prepared, prompt perfection

— Carefully sourced beans, craft roasted freshness, consistent customers returning

— A long list of flavor infusion recipes using our branded AJ’s RUSH® Energy drink

— Multiple revenue streams with packaged products and menu of light bites

— A variety of buildout and location options for coffee franchises, ranging from a convenient small kiosk to a free-standing Coffee House


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