Black Jack
Every sip is a winner with this signature flavoring of AJ’s RUSH. An infusion of citrus, berry and energy will have you saying “Hit me” with every delicious gulp.

Beach Bum
Tired of work and need a beach vacation? This drink has all you need to get away. 3 distinct tropical flavors are added to this signature AJ’s RUSH drink to help you feel the sand between your toes and beach flavors between your lips.


Blue Hawaiian
Don’t feel BLUE, drink it! If you have never been to Hawaii, get a taste of Island life with this simple n pure signature blue energy drink that makes you say “ALOOOOOOHA”!

Green Alien
This green drink speaks for itself with “out of this world” flavor. With a tart citrus and full berry flavor this drink has energy and will make all human friends “GREEN” with envy.

Rock-it Pop
Classical music not your thing? Need a drink with energy? Well get ready to ROCK-IT! Adding citrus, sweet berry and smooth cherry to this drink really makes it “POP”.

Sweet n tart
Can’t decide between Sweet or Tart? Why choose? Taste this great drink that will have your taste buds confused & happy with flavors from tart tree fruits, citrus fruit and sweet grape to achieve a perfect balance of flavor.