Coming soon! We are excited to announce that we will be launching our enhanced AJ’s Rewards.

What you need to know during the launch process:

Why the Switch?

AJ’s Rewards keeps getting better! An enhanced version will be launched in late March to give our customers an even better experience and interface. But with enhancements, there will be some important changes and information.

Preloaded Funds.

ON FEBRUARY 5th, 2024, preloaded funds and digital gift cards can no longer be loaded on the current AJ’s Rewards App. However, you can continue to use your existing preloaded funds and gift cards. Once the AJ’s Rewards update is available, your remaining funds will be transferred, and you can resume loading funds and purchasing digital gift cards.

AJ’s Rewards will still have the same great rewards and tiers.

Everything will remain the same regarding your rewards. You will still get all the same benefits, and all your current points will transfer with the update. One of the new great features is that you can now upload your physical gift cards into the app.

AJ’s Rewards update is expected in late March.

In order to make this happen, our app will be offline for a few days.  During this time, you will be UNABLE to earn or redeem loyalty points and pay or purchase gift cards within AJ’s Rewards. Updated timing will be sent as we get closer to launch. On the day of launch, all you will need to do is update your AJ’s Rewards in the Apple or Google Play Store. 

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your patience as we work to improve your experience.

You will still have the same great benefits and rewards you have always had with AJ’s Rewards’ updated features.

Customers can achieve different levels based on the amount they spend. $1 spent = 1 Point

NEW! Re-Download Offer – Free 24oz Any Drink (Limited time offer)

Rewards Store still has the same great rewards.

Sign-up offer – Get a free $3 reward on their second visit. Good for 180 days from issuance.

Birthday reward – Free item up to $4. Issue 7 days prior to birthday. Good for 14 days from issuance (equal to 7 days following birthday.)

Refer a friend – Free $3 reward after referral sign up. Good for 7 days from issuance. New customers must make a first purchase of at least $0.01 before a referral award is granted.

Anniversary Offer – Any free beverage up to $5. Good for 180 days from issuance.

Tier 2 Attainment Award: Each time a customer attains Tier 2 Rockin’ It status, they receive a $3 reward. The reward is good for 14 days from issuance.

Tier 3 Attainment Reward: Each time the customer attains Tier 3 Crushin’ It status, they receive a $6 reward. The reward is good for 14 days from issuance.