Aroma Joe’s Rewards Program

The NEW Aroma Joe’s® Rewards program allows you to earn amazing rewards and be the first to know about new products, promotions and store locations plus the ability to use mobile payment. 

Key Benefits:

  • $3 reward after your first visit using the app
  • Free birthday treat the week of your birthday (up to $4.) You must sign up for the app at least 7 days, and you must have at least one loyalty transaction made through the app 7 days prior to your birthday in order to receive the birthday treat reward.
  • Free anniversary drink (once a year)
  • Send e-gifts to friends and family

Status Levels:

Tier 1: Fuelin’ It > Base

  • Earn $3 toward your next purchase after your 1st visit.
  • Earn 100 points, unlock $3.
  • Birthday Treat.

Tier 2: Rockin’ It > 300 points

  • Tier 1 benefits plus the following….
  • Access to DOUBLE POINTS day.
  • Exclusive Surprise & Delight Treats.

Tier 3: Crushin’ It > 600 points + points

  • Tier 1&2 benefits plus the following….
  • FREE at-home coffee.


What happened to your old app?

The Aroma Joe’s original app was launched in 2017 and did not include loyalty which we knew our fans wanted.   This new app creates a personalized digital experience that enhances/augments your in-store experience. To get on the new app, you need to download the new app and sign up. If customer has the current Aroma Joe’s app they will need to update on the app store or google play. Note: If you don’t see the Aroma Joe’s app refresh your app under updates.

How can I download?

You can go the Apple App store or Google Play store to download.

Why should I download?

Besides getting rewards, you will get exclusive offers, a treat on your birthday and many other incentives. Remember, the more you visit and use the app, the faster you will earn amazing rewards so don’t forget to scan your app every time! But remember, only our location is testing this at this time.

How do Rewards & Credits work?

The more you visit, the higher the rewards. Check out the app for all of the details.

What constitutes as a qualifying product to earn rewards?

Qualifying Products are all Aroma Joe’s products purchased at participating locations, except: the purchase or reload of an Aroma Joe’s Fuel Card, Reward Coupon Redemptions, donations to charity, and Newspapers. Sales tax and returned merchandise will be deducted from the purchase price. Product purchases through the Aroma Joe’s on-line shop are excluded.

How do I see my transaction history?

Please check the transaction history tab under your app settings to review all past orders.

I need a receipt.

Receipts are emailed for every purchase you make via the app to the email you used to register for the app (not sure which that is? Head into the Profile section under your app settings!). If you do not see the receipt in your inbox, please check your spam folder.

I made a purchase without my app; can I still receive credit?

Please email a copy of your receipt and a brief description of what prevented you from using your app to our support team at [email protected]; we’ll do our best to make sure nothing gets in your way next time!

How do I earn a reward?

Most rewards are unlocked automatically and added to your account. If you receive a reward email, make sure to read through it to see if you need to claim your reward onto your account! You’ll always be able to see your available rewards within your app as well.

How do I use a reward?

Rewards will be redeemed automatically towards your next purchase via the app. Make sure the reward you want to use is toggled on to ensure redemption. If you DON’T want to use your reward for a particular visit, ensure you have toggled it to off. Only one reward can be used per visit, additional items will be charged at regular price.

Where can I see my progress?

Head to your rewards tab to review your progress!

Where can I see my available rewards?

Your available rewards will be listed on your rewards tab. Please review any emails you receive regarding rewards if you have any questions on eligibility or availability, or if you do not see it in your rewards tab. Please reach out to support if you have any further questions on your rewards –[email protected]

Help! The app said I unlocked a loyalty reward but it didn’t apply to my order.

Loyalty rewards apply to the next transaction you make after the one on which it is unlocked. Loyalty rewards are not earned and redeemed towards the same transaction.

Help! I received an email about a reward but don’t see it in my app.

The email you received may have a button to click to add the reward to your account. Otherwise, your reward may only be redeemable during a certain time of day (for example, breakfast or dinner). If that’s the case, the reward will only be visible during the times you are able to redeem it.

I have a physical Fuel Card, can I add this to my account?

At this time, Physical Fuel Cards need to be swiped at the POS at the location and cannot be added to the AJ’s Rewards Payments.   We are looking at ways we can change this for the future but there is not the capability at this time

Is there a limit on how many e-gift cards I can purchase or the amounts

At this time, you are limited to an overall spend on your app of $500 during a 24-hour period. This is to safeguard against fraud. If you would like to spend more than that, you can use a non-app related form of payment and send your receipt to [email protected] to get these credits.

I wanted to pay with cash/credit and NOT use my rewards but it automatically did so, why?

To ensure you are using the right method of payment, ensure you see the correct QR code. You can choose between ‘Pay & Earn Loyalty’ or ‘Earn Loyalty Only’ QR Code. You can get to either of these by toggling backend forth

Why did my credit card automatically reload $25? Why does it look like I was charged for $25 (or other whole number) for my order?

This is most likely due to you having automatically reload turned on. To disable preload/auto-reload, you will need to change your payment preference to instant billing under the manage cards section of the app.

Once instant billing is chosen and confirmed, the guest will be charged at the time of the transaction to the debit/credit of their choice that is added.

My order was denied and said payment wasn’t valid?

This was most likely due to them NOT having an automatic preload turned on and they fell below what the had in their account OR their loaded gift card. They would then need to use another tender type or add more funds to their account.

I purchased 2 (+) of an item that had an app deal, why did I not get the promo price?

Deals on the app are for one item, additional items will be charged at regular pricing.

I have the XX deal on my app but didn’t receive?

Please ensure that you TOGGLE ON the deal or it will not register when you scan.