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Apr 27, 2021

Aroma Joe’s Coffee Franchises Have Grown with People’s Changing Habits

For those exploring opportunities for coffee franchises, here’s an important question: how will shifts in behavior affect the traffic for coffee shops?

According to reports from franchise owners in 2020, the coffee shop business looks like a great place to be these days! In particular, Aroma Joe’s coffee franchises have grown as more people stay home due to recent changes in community social habits, travel, school and work circumstances.

Overall, it turns out that people who love coffee may not be very willing to give it up, even when life throws a few curve balls. Knowing that people like to keep their regular coffee and handcrafted beverages near the top of their “must have” lists no matter what, it’s no surprise that Aroma Joe’s and its coffee franchise locations have continued to grow.

Of course, the influences that tend to cause people to stay home have also made a vastly different impact on several key customer groups for a typical coffee franchise. Consider all those folks who can not stay home in the case of a community crisis or weather emergency—front line workers in essential industries, such as healthcare, first responders, child care, retail, public works, construction and transportation.

Apparently, the extra hours put in by our country’s essential workers may also lead to the chance to serve up even more coffee drinks for them, especially via their favorite drive-through coffee shop!



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